Abortion is a medical procedure that affects your body, so you owe it to yourself to get complete and accurate medical information. If you’re considering an abortion, you have a legal right to be fully informed before making any decision. 

Our goal is your health and safety. Our staff, including professional counselors and certified life coaches, won’t tell you what to do. We provide full information and support options to assist you in making the decision that is right for you.

Some women feel like now isn’t a good time to have a baby, or they worry that they won’t be able to continue on in school. Because abortion is a permanent decision, it can be a good idea to take a couple of days to get as much information as you can about all your options to make the best choice for you.

Before you deal with the stress of that decision, though, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re pregnant. Many women who contact us are upset about needing to make this choice, because they are late for their period. But, a late period is only a sign of pregnancy, and there are many different things that can cause a period to be late. Things like stress, a change in diet, or a change in exercise can all have an effect on a woman’s period. To know for sure, it’s always a good idea to have a pregnancy test.

You do not need to face this by yourself. We are here to answer your questions and support you in the best way possible

Check out information about your options on our site and then give us a call or book an appointment online.

We are a limited medical facility and do not perform or refer abortions.